Friday, July 15, 2011

They Call Me Auntie Karla

My brother, his wife, and their twin (nearly four year old) son and daughter just left yesterday after 6 nights with us.

We had a great week together.

Here are some things I learned...

I love this city.  I love sharing it with other people and exploring its beauty and loveliness.

I know a lot more about Vancouver than I did a year ago.  It feels kind of like home now.

I like being called "Auntie Karla".  I'm really glad Myles and Natalie came into being.

My girls are amazing.  They gave up their rooms, their beds, their space, their things, their time and their choices willingly and preferred their cousins whims and fancies to their own.  They did it because they love their cousins and wanted to help them have the best time here.  They were patient, generous, and loving.   They are good people.  I love seeing this unfold.

It feels pretty good to snuggle up to your nephew as you tuck him into bed after a day together and have his soft little arm across your neck and his small hand grab onto your chin for dear life because he wants you close.

It's kind of fun to push your nieces buttons just a little to hear her say the funniest things as she gets hotter and hotter under the collar.

I like having big kids.  I can't believe that we all sleep in on summer holidays.

It's neat to see your brother parent his kids with such enthusiasm and care.  He pitched about 1.4 million balls to Myles over the course of the week and exclaimed with delight each time he hit one and with encouragement and love each time he didn't.

I miss the innocent banter and honest observations that only three year olds can offer.  Imagine what the Winkler-raised nephew had to say as he listened to all of the Mandarin and Cantonese being spoken around him at the playground....

Three year olds have really soft skin.  Their pudgy squishy bodies give really great hugs.

Simple pleasures can sometimes give the greatest rewards.

Our house sure seems quiet now.
It was a great week.

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  1. oh what great pictures!!!
    So wonderful that you could share your city with them!!