Monday, September 12, 2011

Swing Your Penner Round and Round

Last fall we were thrilled to go to an all-ages night of square dancing at "The Cultch".  We lamented then that it was sad that we wouldn't have the chance to do it again... Well, here we are for year two - and when we heard about this year's square dancing night, we were SO in!

The event happens at "The Cultch" - a theatre-type venue in East Van.  The place has character ooozing out of its floor boards.  The live band was Vancouver's "Shout!WhiteDragon" with Paul Silveria of Portland, Oregon calling the dances.

It was a jam packed venue!  It was also incredibly hot that day, so needless to say, Mike was feeling a little warm.  Mike wears shorts in January in Winnipeg, so that's understating it considerably.  He was a trooper, though - getting into the dances and clapping his hands and stomping his feet with the coolest of them.

One silly thing about being a family of 5, is that one of you always has to sit out.  I volunteered to sit out the first dance, when not two seconds later, a gent about my dad's age from the crowd asked me if I wanted to dance with him as he had no partner.  Mike and the girls laughed their heads off as I marched onto the dance floor with my new friend.  I don't even know his name, but we swung me around and promenaded me across the floor for two whole dances!  That's the beauty of square dancing!  First strangers, then dance partners!


They announced another square dance for October , with the possibility of a monthly dance for the rest of the year!  We're crossing our fingers for more!

Here's a little taste of what our night was like....

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope you have more!