Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Hagfish Day! (Guest Post by Ellie)

Did you know that today is Hagfish Day?

I first discovered Hagfish at the Vancouver Aquarium.  When I saw Hagfish I thought they were gross.  Then I found out what they do.  Then I thought that they were even more gross!  They go into a dead sea creature's anus and eat them from the inside out.   Don't you think that's really gross?

Hagfish Day is about how ugly things can be beautiful.

If you want ideas for how to celebrate Hagfish Day, you can find them here.

I especially want to wish Adrian Wortley a happy Hagfish Day!


  1. so gross Ellie...that last photo gives me the creeps!

  2. Wicked post, Ellie! You ROCKED it!!! Hagfish lovers of the world unite.


  3. I remember the hagfish Ellie! Gross but amazing! Grace and I fondly remember out time at the aquarium with you...we miss you!
    Mary Amadeo