Tuesday, November 22, 2011


One year ago today two special babies were born to our dearest of friends in Winnipeg.

Nella and Norah - two beautiful little girls - arrived to a family who loved them and made room for them in their smallish house already full with the three who came before.

Life doesn't always go the way you think it will.  I would have never expected two little girls to be added to their family.  I would have never expected that I would not have been there to welcome them.

Last year on this day I cried tears of relief and joy that the girls were here and their Momma was well.  I cried some tears of sadness and regret too.  How I wanted to be one of the first at the hospital to smell their breath and touch their satiny cheeks.  But I wasn't one of the first.  I was here.  And I had to get used to that.

I've seen them twice - those two little ones who are one today.  In fact on each trip back to Winnipeg their house was the first one we'd go to.  I wanted to change their diapers and rock them, feed them their cereal and make them laugh.  I wanted them to know me.  I needed to know them.  I'm their Auntie Karla, whether three provinces away or not.

And so today I feel that odd combination of emotions again.  So grateful for their first year on this earth.  So aware of the gift that they've been to their family.  But so heartsick to not be close enough to touch them on their birthday.

Nella and Norah - you will know your Auntie Karla and she will know you.  You will grow and change and become who you were created to be.   I will tease you and tickle you, read you books and hold your hands.  And I will love you.

Happy Birthday, sweet one year old girls.


  1. can you believe how children change in 12 short months?! no wonder its happy/sad for you. They are well loved girls to have you in their "auntie roster"

  2. I SO relate to this. I haven't seen my sisters or my nieces for three whole years. There's a hole there that can't be filled by anyone else. Makes me very sad. Trying to get my sisters to get Skype so we can at least start to see these girls once in a while! But we will be seeing them all 5 weeks from today. Cannot wait!!!

  3. Tears flowing down my cheeks . . . again. And Joyce is so right, they are so very blessed to have you on their Auntie roster.