Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby (Steps) Slides

Remember this post?

I thought if I was going to bring you all into the warped inner workings of my mind and my crazy fears, I should at least keep you posted on what's happened since.

A few weeks before Christmas we headed up to Mount Seymour for the first time to get fitted for our skis and boots.  Mike wanted to take the girls out on a few runs too.  It was a perfect day - brilliant blue sky and not a breath of wind.  I maintained that I was just going to get fitted and then watch.  After all, I wanted to have my first real lesson from a professional before I ventured onto the slopes.

Mike convinced me to at least go out onto the snow and see how the skis felt, so I did.  He then convinced me to head out toward the bunny hill with them (on my skis), so I did that too.  There  was a wee hill that led to the start of the bunny hill so with Mike's encouragement insistence I thought I could at least give that a try.  I was in true "Karla form".  That means my voice was getting a little louder, harsher, and a tad bit meaner.  But I did it.  And while the rest of the fam was off charging down the bunny hill I took off my skis, climbed back up that minuscule hill, and did it again.  And again.

Yesterday morning we were off to Seymour again.  The weather was not so perfect this time around.  The rain was pouring as we left our house but turned into beautiful flakes of sticky snow as we made our way up towards the peak of the mountain.

In my head my plan was to repeat the same process as the first time.  But after one run down that little hill, I was feeling like I could take on more.  I alerted the troops that I was ready to make my debut.  On the bunny hill.  That's right - the bunny hill.

I made it down the first time unscathed.  And a wee bit proud of myself.  My adoring fans were waiting for me at the bottom cheering wildly.  OK, maybe not cheering wildly.  But there were a few "good jobs" to be heard from the girls and Mike at the bottom.

Next came the Magic Carpet ride up the hill.  As with all things I've never done before, I was cautious, wary, and nervous.  I told the handsome young Australian gentlemen working the carpet (why are there so many Australians that work on ski hills anyway?) that it was my first time and asked him if he could put his hand on my back as I got on to make me feel more secure.  Yes, sometimes, my children have good reason to want to avoid being associated with me in public places.  I made it up the hill and was ready to go again.

And what follows, dear readers, is my second run on the bunny hill at Mount Seymour.

As I careened somewhat slowly glided down the hill, I felt like I was nailing it.  I was making turns and going faster than I went my first time.  I thought that when I would eventually watch the video I'd be amazed at my prowess and skill on the slopes.

Funny thing is, when I watched the video last night I laughed out loud.  I looked awkward and rigid and kind of, well, slow.  But that didn't take away from the fact that in my head I thought I was a superstar.  And I did it.  Many times.  And I'll do it again.   And again and again and again until I can move from the bunny hill to something a little bigger.  It might take me until the end of the ski season, but I'm OK with that.

That's how I slide.


  1. Jim watched the video and said maybe you should come home! Anyhoo the "bunny hill" is actually a lot longer,wider and "slopier" then I imagined! I say job well done!

  2. Jimmy!! Maybe you should come out here and give me some private lessons! I still love you, big guy.


  3. Nice, Karla! Way to conquer those fears and kick some slope. From one flatlander to another, pretty impressive!!

    - Adrian

  4. Ohmygoshhhhh, Karla. You won't believe how proud I am. First of all, you skied ! And you did that back and forth thingies that made you look totally professional! And then you smiled! And then you posted the video of you skiing! To my terrified eyes it looked like you were careening down the mountainside, fans lining the forest. Wow. I went skiing once. It didn't end as well and thank goodness there is no video!! Seriously, Karla, I got a tear in my eye.

  5. Whaaaaa hooooo! Good for you, we are so proud of and happy for you! And don't sell yourself short - you did really well getting down that run. No one who learns skiing for the first time look any different...except those who end in the trees. Good luck with the lessons (betcha a nickel you get another handsome Aussie) and hopefully we can join you all up at Seymour one day.