Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Bucket Show

Last week the intermediate classes at Confederation Park put on "The Bucket Show".   For the past few months, the school has been focusing on practising positive character traits every day and learning to be "bucket fillers" rather than "bucket dippers".   Each intermediate class wrote and planned their segment of the show themselves.  

One of my favorite parts of the whole show was a piece a grade 4/5 class presented.  It was my favorite because there is a girl named "K" in this class who learns differently and requires special adaptations.  She makes me laugh every single time I see her in the hallway.  She held that "applause" sign with great gusto and flair!

Although Ellie isn't an intermediate student, she's in a grade 3/4 class, so she got to take part.  She and her girlfriends got to dance a piece representing negativity.

Hannah's class performed the song "Seed to Sow"....   

....she even got to sing a solo!

I really love this picture.  This is a group of kids from Hannah's class.  The girl in the purple ("J") beside Hannah is her age!  Look at their size difference!  I love how "J" is stretching WAY up to put her hand on Hannah's shoulder!

For the piece that Hannah's class wrote and presented, Hannah played the part of a school teacher whose words belittle a student in her class.

In the end, they all come around, just like we should.

This was a bitter-sweet production.  I loved what the students presented, but I knew it was the last time I'd be sitting in that gym watching my girls perform.   It was a fitting finale.

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