Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Thinking....

I think...'s spectacular that our girls really like Indian food.'s interesting that members of other cultures can be just as racist as we white folks.

...that libraries are one of the greatest community offerings on the planet.
Is it any wonder that my over-due fines over the years have purchased many MANY new acquisitions in Winnipeg and now Burnaby.  You don't even want to know how many.

...that having the freedom of an eleven year old daughter who babysits her younger sisters is amazing.

...that it puts something to rest in me knowing that all of my girls are now good readers.
Anything is now possible.

...that listening to CBC radio makes people smarter.
It also entertains you, challenges you, and tells you stories of other Canadians that you won't forget.  It's been my constant companion over many years as a stay at home mom.  I'd be lonely without it on my dial. will be sad to not have fresh rhubarb to bake with from my pathetic garden this spring.
The garden might be pathetic, but the rhubarb is always extraordinary.'s sad that most people assume that Christians are all anti-gay and watch Fox News.

...that it's lovely to watch Mike and all of his girls share a facination with Star Wars.
He's waited years for this.

I hope...

...that my girls still like me when they're teenagers.
I'm annoying and temperamental.  I think they're beginning to figure that out.

...that my girls will find their own way to faith.
A way that fits who they are and is full of life and creativity.  A way that values their femininity and is outside of the lines.

...that I live what I talk about.  At least some of the time.

...that there is a job for me that I can be passionate about.

...that my girls always think that "home" is a safe place.

...that one day pistachios will be given their own food-group status.

I wonder...

...if I'll ever be able to go back to being part of an institutional church.
I want to be able to.   I just don't know if I can do it.

...if the good really does out-weigh the bad.

...if I've made the most of this year.

...if I will love Miriam Toews new novel, Irma Voth as much as I think I will.

...why reading with Sasha in the afternoon functions as a tranquilizer.


  1. You know what? Ruby really likes Indian food too. And not to brag, but I make a fantastic curry. You should come see.

  2. You forgot this one:

    I hope...

    ...completing the Vancouver Sun Run with my incredibly buff husband will unlock all the secrets of the universe.

    Go Penners @ Sun Run 2011!! Woot Woot!!!!


  3. Karla, this is what makes you one of my favorite people. So, good.

  4. yes, yes, yes.
    And yes. So much of what you believe and hope in and for shall come to pass- or IS coming to pass. You're good stock, Karla.
    You've challenged me gently in good directions.