Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh, It's On.....

As you can tell from the previous post, we Penners are rooting for the Vancouver  Canucks BIG TIME.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I opened up my email and saw a message from my friend from high school, Corrine Phillips.  Corrine was part of a big group of amazing girlfriends that I hung around with in high school back in Winkler.  Amazingly, nearly 20 years after we graduated, we're all still friends and stay connected.  Corrine ventured the furthest away - falling in love with a southerner and settling down in Nashville Tennesee.  That's right.  Nashville - home of the round two Canuck opponents, the Predators.

Surprising to me is the way Corrine's husband Nolan and the rest of the family has embraced "Canada's Game" - that right Nolan Phillips, I said Canada's game.    They are hard core Predator fans, as are their three beautiful kids.

Apparently Nolan couldn't wait a second when seeing our family picture of us decked out in Canucks apparel.  He had to one-up us and grab some pom poms to show us they're just as serious about a win as we are.

Well, Nolan, you may be holding a pom pom, but our Canucks have got some tough action in store for your Preds.

A little rivalry makes things more exciting, doesn't it?

The trash talk has begun, and game one is underway.

May the best (Canadian) team win.

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