Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And the Gift keeps giving....

As I wrote about back in the Fall, Ellie has been the recipient of a great gift this year.  
Her name is Nikki.

Out of all the kids in her class, Nikki has become one of Ellie's most treasured friends. 
Nothing could have made me happier.

Nikki is nine.  
She is the oldest student in the 2/3 combined class.
She has Kabuki Syndrome, and the cognitive ability of a three year old.
And Ellie adores her.

The best part is - Nikki adores Ellie just as much.

Every single day for the past many weeks, Nikki says,  
"Me go I-yee's house t-day?  Peeeese?"
She says this in the morning, at lunch and at the end of the day.

This request would delight Ellie to no end -
The fact that Nikki accepted her... chose her.... wants to be with her.

After a day or two of Ellie telling me of Nikki's request, I suggested we invite her over for a play-date after school.  We talked to Nikki's mom and finally found a date that would work.

Ellie was thrilled.  She could finally say, "YES Nikki!  You can come to Ellie's house!"

The countdown began.  
Finally the day arrived.  
I don't think I had ever seen Ellie so excited for a play-date before.

At the end of the day, I waited near the steps to the girl's classroom.
Ellie came out first with a huge smile, followed by Nikki.  
Her chubby hand grasped two dandelions that she had picked for "I-yeeee's Mom" at recess.
She laughed uproariously at the prospect of coming to "I-yeee's House" in "I-yeee's Car".

We zipped home and the girl's played.  
They played and laughed and held hands.  
Ellie followed Nikki around and lovingly helped her down the stairs.  

When it was time to go, there were hugs all around.

That night at bedtime,  Ellie said, "Mom, I'm just so glad I got to have Nikki in my class this year".

Me too, Ellie.  Me too.