Monday, May 30, 2011

The Road to Tofino

Sometimes the road to a place is nearly as good as the place itself.

We left Victoria last Monday morning.  The sky was blue and clear.
That's what always happens to us.   Anytime we're traveling, the weather is perfect.
That could drive us crazy if we let it.

But we didn't let it.

(How could you let it with views like this?)

 Look closely.
 Isn't the reflection in the water amazing?

Whenever I see snow capped mountains I still have to pinch myself a little.

Just past Port Alberni was this awesome area of rocks and streams to explore.  We were ready for a stretch so the timing was perfect.  Hannah was having a pre-teenage moment and wanted to stay in the van so Sasha, Ellie, Mike and I started climbing.

A few days earlier, Mike watched a short documentary on "planking".  Planking is a bit of a fad right now.  The simple version is that it involves lying flat, stiff, and face down in strange locations.  You can read a more complete definition here.  Since watching the doc, Mike mentioned that he thought planking as a family in interesting locations would be a great family past-time.   Whatever floats your boat, Mike.

Here's the first attempt at Penner Pseudo Planking.
Sometimes I really like being the one to take the pictures.

If you've ever driven from Port Alberni to Tofino, you know that the twisty, winding road through Sutton Pass and beyond is not for those with weak stomachs.  It's kind of like a roller coaster, except much much slower and with a better view.   It is simply stunning and majestic.  We had U2's "No Line on the Horizon" playing loud with the windows open.   It was the perfect soundtrack.  We saw eagles flying overhead and I knew that for me it was a sacred moment. 

As we pulled into the office of the Pacific Rim Park just outside of Tofino, Mike convinced Sasha to give planking one more try.

I don't think we've ever had such a beautiful drive.

That's not to say there weren't shrieks, fights,  and general moments of mayhem in the back of the van.  Aren't there always?

There were also some belly laughs, singing along to the tunes and even  beautiful silence.

The sun was shining, the road was long and it was a good day.

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  1. OK, seriously, the planking pictures had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD . . . no wonder Hannah wanted to stay in the van! All this stunning scenery and your face is buried in the ground? Good call on being the photographer Karla. From now on I think you are no longer "The Penners" but rather "The Planking Penners."