Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today was Father's Day.  

The girls had been planning and thinking about this day for a few weeks now.  Back in January, we gave Mike a gift he's wanted since he was a little boy - a remote controlled Helicopter.  You should see him when he flies that thing!  The girls thought it would be fun to incorporate his helicopter into the gift giving this morning....    

It all started in the morning while we were all still in our jammies.  The girls each made one landing pad for Mike, under which lay a gift and card.  Once he landed on the target, he could open that gift, and then fly on to the next target.

Here they are at the starting point....

The first landing pad was Sasha's.  
Notice Mike's intense concentration and the distance the rest of us keep from those propellers!

Upon landing, Mike was able to open Sasha's two gifts and her card.

This winter we've had a bit of a Star Wars obsession going on here.  You might be able to detect that from the first few gifts and cards.  Here is Sasha's card... we all laughed our faces off at her depiction of Darth Vader.  We think he looks like Darth Elmo.

Sasha saw these books at Costco a few months ago.  She immediately wanted to get them for Mike for Father's Day so they could read them together.  I'm pretty sure they'll be well read over the next many years.

Sasha's other gift was a hand-painted tile she made in her Kindergarten Class.

Before Mike could get into his new books, it was time to land at stop number 2.  
This was Ellie's, and she made it very challenging!
Note the concerned looks on the girl's faces.

Ellie's card and gift also follow the Star Wars theme.  
Her card features one of her favorite characters, Jar Jar Binx.

With new t-shirt in hand, Mike was ready to attempt his third landing.  
He had to fly into the kitchen for this one.

Sweet Victory!

The last stop was Hannah's gift.  She's been laughing about this since Thursday when she brought it home from school.  In Art class, she used clay to sculpt a jar.  After it was fired she painted it.  No one told her that this project would serve as the Father's Day gift.  She painted the jar pink.  She thought this was hilarious.

Apparently Mike did too.

So thankful my girls have such a great dad to love and celebrate.


  1. Fantastic!!
    what a creative idea! LOVED the pictures.
    The girls sure are blessed to have Mike.

  2. Thanks for sharing the day with us - it's always great to hear what the Penner 5 are up to! Now I'll have to let Emma and Kate know that your girls have set the bar quite high for next year, they will have to get a little more creative than rhubarb muffins and a card!

  3. Such a great idea! Hope you don't mind if MY Penner 5 steal it and do a variation of it next Father's Day! ;)

  4. I think instead of a Star Wars theme though, we may have to do

  5. That t-shirt is sick!!! Mike is gonna rock Van City walkin' around in that shizzle rag! (Note that he would also rock out Van City in his Oscar the Grouch jammie pants but he may also end up in the klink with the yuppie rioters if he did...)

  6. ADRIAN WORTLY, show yourself! That comment was sick!! You got the lingo down, man. Mike's gonna be sportin that short and those jammie pants all over the Crescent this summer.

  7. Damn, I left out the E in Wortley. Sorry, Aidge.