Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane

This past Thursday afternoon was Confederation Park Christmas Show, "Christmas on Candy Cane Lane".  Since teachers in BC are still engaged in phase one of their Job Action with the Provincial Government, we weren't sure the teachers would be putting a Christmas event together this year.  Thankfully, the teachers at our school care enough about the excitement of Christmas and about the kids they teach that they made it happen.

The production was mostly a primary one, though the Intermediate Choir that Hannah sings in performed the songs for all of the dances.  This was the first time all of our kids have been involved in the same production.  That means this is the first time Mike and I have sat ALONE for a Christmas concert or production.  It felt a little empty beside us, but it was great to watch and hear all of our girls at the same show.

About a month ago Ellie came home from school announcing that she wanted to audition for a speaking part for the production.  She practiced the lines and took the audition seriously.  This is something she really wanted.  I like seeing that spark come into their eyes when it's something they really want for themselves and it has nothing to do with you.  To her delight, she got one of the main roles in the show - the part of the red candy cane - and she couldn't have been happier.

She really did do an amazing job memorizing a lot of lines and delivering them with lots of confidence and expression.  It looked like she may have found her "thing".  She loved every minute of the rehearsals, sound checks, and being on the stage.

Aside from her role as a candy cane, Ellie was also an elf in her class number.

Before long it was time for "He's the Man in the Bright Red Suit".  This was Sasha's song to dance to and she was so excited to actually be the one on stage performing instead of just sitting and watching from the audience like she's done for what must seem like forever.

There may have been a can-can line and jazz hands involved in her song.  It was that good.

As I said, Hannah was singing her heart out in the choir.  This next picture is just to demonstrate the sheer "amazon-esque" stature of her height in relation to her peers.  The kids beside her are in her grade. She was the tallest kid up there, including the singers from grade 7.  That means she holds the title of "tallest kid in the WHOLE school".  I'm not sure if you like that title when you're an almost 12 year old girl, but like it or not, it's her title to own.

Here's the whole cast!

Bows, accolades and applause.  A good way to end a show!

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