Friday, December 16, 2011

Sasha Loves Christmas (And we really Love Sasha)

Christmas really is way more fun when you have kids around.  Sasha, in particular, is very excited about all things Christmas this year.  She is, however, sad that Christmas holidays means she can't go to school for two whole weeks.  This kid loves school more than anything else.  You can see some of the reasons why by looking at her teacher's blog.

Sasha has become a voracious reader - reading anything and everything in sight.  A few weeks ago we went to the library together one evening to take out some Christmas books.  When we discovered that Christmas books could only be checked out for two weeks, Sasha was very concerned and worried that she wouldn't get enough books that she had picked out.

The next day was Saturday and we were all busy bustling around the house not really noticing what Sasha was up to.  Eventually I walked into the kitchen and saw her hunched over the kitchen table with a pencil, painstakingly copying out word for word, EVERY WORD in the book "Frosty the Snowman". She wanted to make sure she wouldn't forget the words after she had to return the book to the library!

One night last week Mike and were out for the evening and Hannah was babysitting.  When we came home from our night out, we discovered Sasha had made each of us a Christmas picture and laid it on our pillows.

I love the way she depicted our family looking a little like the Von Trap family.  Matching dresses for the sisters, and matching outfits for me and Mike.  I thought her rendition of Mike's "spiky" hair and stubble was quite a nice touch.

I can't wat intil crismis either, Sasha!

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  1. you'll keep these forever, Karla. They're like a freeze-frame of a very special time in your life. And I guess maybe your little apples didn't fall far from both your trees?! love it.