Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's amazing where it comes from.
Something from nothing.

You start alone.
You stand alone.
You are alone.

Alone is not bad.
It can be comforting and quiet.
Alone brings space and time.
It allows you the chance to reintroduce yourself to you.

Soon there is one, two, three or more bodies assembling around your once solitary figure.
You are cautious of crowding - but even more of being crowded.
A crowd or even one around you can feel like a slow drowning.
Or it can feel like life.

The one, two, three or four find their way around your table.
The little bodies in tow into the nooks and crannies of your house.
Your table is full of voices, of stories, of small expositions.

You ask yourself if it feels crowded.
You examine your space and consider if some reclaiming is yet in order.
The jury remains out.

Amazing how it grows - this something from nothing.
Born in the dust and wood chips of a school playground.
This something stands where the nothing was.

Alone no more.


  1. I'm wondering if your referring to your guests for lunch? Think of you and your clan ofter...

  2. :)
    none of us are surprised.
    You're a magnet, you should know that by now...

  3. i second have a way karla...your community will find you.