Sunday, October 3, 2010


When I drive down the street in my neighborhood I know where I am.

Things are familiar, places have meaning, I can find my way home.

When I wait in front of the school I no longer stand alone.

I am greeted by name, smiled at, related to, told secrets.

When I see my girls at recess, they are in community.

There is laughter, relationship, a shared moment in time with someone who is

becoming a part of them.

My world is bigger now.

There are more faces and more names.

There are smatterings of push-pins that mark significant places and times.

My story is changing.

It doesn’t read the same way.

There were parts of it I never liked anyway.


  1. I wanted to comment when I first read this yesterday but don't know what to say. I feel inspired... My hope for this year is that my story begins to look different too.

    Don't you love that feeling of transitioning from "stranger" to "friend"? Marvellous.

  3. Love this post, it's so renewing! But of course my inner Oprah is asking, "What part of your old life didn't you like?!". xoxox