Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Penner Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza

Every year back in Winnipeg, we've grown pumpkins in our small garden. Not just any pumpkins. BIG ones. HUGE ones. GIGANTIC ones. Lest you think this has something to do with superior horticultural skills we might have, let me be clear. This had nothing to do us. At all. It had everything to do with lots of sunny exposure and a dear and wonderful next-door neighbour with two green thumbs. We miss Richard. He was the best next -door neighbour you could ask for. All that to say, there was no garden, no Richard, and thus no pumpkins here this year. You could go to Safeway to pick one out of a big box, but we wanted to do it up right, so off we went to Richmond to a pumpkin farm where you could wander out to the patch and pick your own. Mike and I both expected this to be a little family farm with a few handfuls of people in the field. Not so. This was a big deal. From the cars of the parking lot, we estimated there to be about 2000 people at the patch on the sunny Saturday we were there. When you arrive, you get your tickets, and proceed to the entertainment area where corn and carrot dance to the music while you sit and wait for your turn on the wagon to take you out to the fields.

They really do love each other. Whew.

Once out at the fields, the hunt began. It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. Blue sky and vibrant orange pumpkins all vying for the chance to be your "one". Some of us took longer to find the "one" than others did. Hannah just couldn't decide to go for size or shape.

Ellie went for size. She wanted a big one. It didn't take her long at all.

Mike is a perfectionist. His was perfect. He was very proud.

Poor Sasha. She just couldn't decide. And don't dare make a suggestion to her about potential picks. That will take them out of the running immediately. She wandered seemingly aimlessly for a good long while until she finally came up with a winner!

After the pumpkins were picked, it was time to head back onto the wagons for a trip back to the main gate. Each wagon has a musical host who serenades you with pumpkin themed songs all the way back.

You get to end your adventure by picking an apple from the bin. Kind of an idyllic way to spend a fall day if you ask me.

And so, tomorrow we will carve those beauties to prepare for Halloween night. It won't be the same without the neighbours back on Robertson Crescent. But we'll make family memories just the same.

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  1. I'm pretty sure you mean that carrot and corn really love each other.