Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Hula Birthday Party

 Though her birthday happened nearly a month ago, today was the day of Sasha's birthday party.

While we were on our holiday and had lots of time to chat and dream a little, Sasha said she wanted a Hawaiian themed party.  I loved what I heard.  That I could do.  And so the Happy Hula Birthday Party came to be.

When Sasha was shopping in Hawaii, she found something that she wanted to buy that made us all laugh so hard.  A PIG hula dancing wearing a red grass skirt.  Sasha loves pigs more than anything.  Red is her favorite color.  She loved being in Hawaii.  This little piggy became the perfect inspiration for her birthday cake.

I love watching little girls at a party.  They come dressed to the nines with moods to match.  They chitter and chatter and "ooh and ahh" and just love the fact that they're even in the room.

Sasha's friends are cute as buttons.  
No doubt about that.

Another thing I love watching at these girl's parties is the expectation the gift giver has as the birthday girl is opening her gift.  I love the anticipation and  the joy I see on their faces as they wait for their friend to open something special that was picked out just for them.

The big squeezes of gratitude and squeals of delight are pretty great too.

Before we knew it, it was time to gather together and celebrate Sasha.

Seven candles seem like a lot to me.

We wrapped up the party with a little Hula dancing by our resident expert, Mike.  I don't know a lot of dads who would dress up and hula dance with a gaggle of 7 year old girls.  But I am glad I know one.

He had them eating out of the palm of his hand.

It was another one for the memory books. 


  1. I love Sasha's expressions - she has the biggest smiles in almost all the pictures. Looks like you pulled off another great party!

  2. You Karla are an amazing hostess with the mostess.Zoe has not stop talking about the party, and she LOVED the cake you made. I'm happy it was a success. Thankyou!

  3. Here's hoping hula didn't hurt the hammie ; )

  4. That cake looks awesome Karla! And you do have the greatest husband ever. He looks like he's got the wrist and the hip movement down perfectly ;)

  5. The cake looked awesome! That little piggy is perfect! Can't believe your baby is 7!