Monday, March 12, 2012

Like / Don't Like

Things I Like:

Taking dishes out of the dishwasher and setting the table with them instead of putting them away in the cupboard

The feeling of zipping up the 3 full lunch kits in the morning knowing I pulled it off again

The sound of my girls busting a gut laughing at each other when it sounds like they're more like friends than sisters

Coke Zero, lots of ice, a wedge of lime

The new CBC drama "Arctic Air"

Seeing crocuses and daffodils blooming in early March

Black Pilot Fineliners

Peanut sauce

Rolling up the remnants of birthday parties, complete with crumbs and spills, into the plastic disposable tablecloth and throwing it away

Toothless grins

The Hunger Games

Looking forward to going to see The Hunger Games with Hannah when it opens next week

Really firm mangoes


Pumpkin anything

Knowing I have only one more birthday party to do before our winter birthday marathon is over

Time and space

Challenging conversations

Kleenex with lotion

Cutting my girl's finger nails nice and short

Old friends

New friends

Being able to borrow cash from my very wealthy 12 year old babysitting kid

Looking at Scholastic Book Orders

Words that inspire me

Words that challenge me

A warm, safe bed

Katie Herzig's music

Things I Don't Like:

Thinking of things to make for supper

Returning phone calls

Making appointments for my kids

Losing an hour of sleep

Cold feet

Brushing knotty hair that isn't mine

Washing muffin tins

Seeing kids exist on "the outside"

When Jian Ghomeshi has a guest host on "Q"

Hearing that things my girls love to do at school (like dance club) have been cancelled because of the BC Teacher's Federation strike

Feeling obligated

Making hard decisions that affect your whole family


It was way easier to come up with things I like.  That's a good thing!

1 comment:

  1. Things I like:

    Anything you make with pumpkin in it

    Your charming husband

    Dan Mangan (and are you familiar with Said the Whale?)

    Blogs that kick ass