Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Service

On Sunday mornings during ski season,  we attend a very good church.  

Some may call it the Church of the Slopes.... or the Palace of Powder.

We just call it Mount Seymour.

Who could blame us with a view like this?

Yesterday morning's service was particularly memorable.
There was no one preaching and there were no alter calls, but the sun was shining like we haven't felt in months.

We ditched our jackets right off the hop and entered the sanctuary of sun and slopes.

There was no worship team, but on one of my rides up the lift, I heard Dan Mangan's "Rows of Houses" blasting over the speakers.

He was preaching to the choir.

Sasha and Mike ventured up to the very top of the mountain so that Sasha could try her very first intermediate run.   Uncharted territory.  Kind of like Sunday School but with more speed.

Our Sunday service was just what we hoped for.
Inspiring, motivating, and invigorating.

That's some church.


  1. Did anyone tell you that you smell like Jesus? The last time I went to church, that's what the message was. Ou churc probably smells pretty good.

  2. I'll have to try your church sometime. It sounds like a nice one.