Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodbye to the Toderash's at Kits Beach

Last Friday was our farewell to the Toderash's. They had been staying with friends in Langley for the week after they left our place, so it was good to catch up before saying goodbye. We met up at Kits Beach and walked along the seawall, then up to West 4th Avenue to check out the sights in Kitsilano. It was a gorgeous night. We ended the night with Gelato at our favourite Gelato shoppe, Cafe Dolce Nonna on East Hastings. Goodbye Toderash's!

Hannah and the Toderash's oldest daughter, Beth, are especially close and we knew this was a special night for them before they would part ways for the year.

We loved this humongous piece of driftwood. The girls climbed on it and looked out into the ocean. It actually looked like it had become petrified.

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  1. seriously, if I lived in Vancouver...I'd be sittin' on Kits' beach every night at sunset.