Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie in the Park

That's right folks! It's the 3rd annual Movie in the Park sponsored by none other than . . . Chevron! It's an inexpensive public relations event put on at Confederation Park, I'm sure, as an attempt to appease residents of North Burnaby so they'll put up with the leaking of hydrocarbons, spewing of carbon emissions, and reverberating noise from pumps at the neighbourhood refinery.

Come on kids! Step right up and spin the wheel for your chance to win a cheap, petroleum-based plastic toy made in China, which will hold your attention for less than 5 minutes, after which you'll throw it in the garbage so that it can rot (or rather, not rot) in a landfill for the next thousand years or so.

Oh, I almost forgot about the hundreds of blue and red petroleum-based plastic glow sticks filled with toxic chemicals that were handed out to all the kids so that Chevron's corporate colours could be waved gleefully back and forth for a few seconds at sundown, after which they will also spend the next thousand years in a landfill.

Okay, now that my cynicism is out there, let's turn to the positives. The girls had fun - lots of fun. There were a couple of caricature artists there, so we stood in line for the hour-long wait for our chance to have the girls drawn as cartoon characters. We found out that our artist was originally from Winnipeg.

Almost time for the movie, so it's time to grab our seats for the show . . . "How to Train Your Dragon".

A good time was had by all. Thanks Chevron.


  1. How To Train A Dragon was our movie night in the park here in Altona too! I can see Hannah rolling her eyes as you might mention to the artist that your actually from Winnipeg and you just moved here!

  2. How did you know there was a big eye-roll from Hannah?? I probably do tell nearly everyone we just moved here... it's a great conversation starter!

  3. I always wanted a caricature but my parents were too cheap. Sigh.