Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Canvas Creation

On a cool, rainy Sunday in August - shortly after we'd arrived - we began the process of finding a way to make our memories and adventures in B.C. last...

As we were driving here, I had the idea of each of us creating a canvas which would be a lasting symbol of each of our years on the Coast. I wanted each canvas to be a representation of what "happened" not only physically - but with our thoughts, spirits, outlooks, and dreams.

My vision was for each of us to paint a canvas and then alter it with attaching things, words, pictures, or whatever else we could think of. (As a side note - if there is an excuse for me to open a jar of Mod Podge, I'll take it. I'm a fan.)

The girls and Mike gravitated quickly to the vision and began to paint their canvasses.

Each one was so different. I love watching my girls create - but even more, I love hearing them talk about why they did what they did. We've had some practice with this. A year or two ago, our house church did a series on the Arts and we dabbled and played with many mediums during that season. That was a rich time for our family.

Kids aren't afraid to begin like big people are. They jump in. They abandon themselves to the cause and weigh the consequences later. I want to be more like that.

Here are our beginnings....






As we're out exploring, I'll often hear the girls speak of their canvasses. They are always looking for the perfect thing to add. We've already had one session of altering our canvasses, and there will be many more. We'll keep you posted on the progression.

As they hang in our dining room, they remind us how much room there is for new things to be added to who we are.

They remind us that we were made to be creative.

They remind us that we are in the middle of experiencing a great gift.


  1. Oh Karla, I have always loved reading your thoughts and experiences. You are so gifted at writing and I love how you have passed along your gift of creativity and expression to your girls. I love you all so much!

  2. what an amazing idea - i can totally see these hanging here back home. tell sasha i think she could make alot of money by selling hers! no kidding... looks so much like ones i've seen in home sense!!!

    i can't wait to see these stories transform on the canvas... be sure to keep refreshing us as they get new dimensions :)

    love you!

  3. seriously, could you be more inspiring!!!
    Jenn P

  4. Karla, do your girls ever just stare at you and say, "you're the best mom ever!"? If they don't they should!

    P.S. I love seeing how you've made a home out of that big, hard-surfaced house. How about a house tour post?? please :)

  5. What a great a idea. Not only are you creating works of art you are creating ways to remember this adventure for the rest of your lives.This is something ALL of you will remember and cherish.
    Love all of you and miss you

  6. ah. you people thrill and amaze me.

  7. Karla, this just confirms your awesomeness once again.

  8. Happy to see the Folk Art Painting class we took all those years ago is finally paying off, seeings "Daisies Galore" never did. Disappointd though to not see any fancy petals or such - we worked hard at perfecting those techniques!

    Looking forward to seeing the final products! What fun you'll have making them and what great memoirs they will be!

  9. inspiring! What a fabulous gift to yourselves. I look forward to seeing them at the end.