Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lost Piggy

A few days ago I lost Piggy at Old Navy. I was kind of sad. I was very mad. I cried a lot. I missed her.

But after that we found her. She was in the lost and found at Old Navy. I felt very happy because I found Piggy.

I love Piggy!


  1. Oh Sash, you look so happy to have found Piggy!!! Yay Piggy!

  2. Dear Sasha . . .

    I LOVE the poster you made!!! You did such a good job. I am so happy you shared the good news on your family blog! Great job!

    We all miss you a lot. It sounds like Vancouver is a very fun place to live. We are happy you are having so much fun.

    I can't believe you are starting Kindergarten next week. You will have so much fun.

    We love you Sasha. And I'm so glad you found Piggy.
    Auntie Carla

  3. phewf. Glad you found that piggy, Sasha!

  4. Sasha,
    We are so happy that you found piggy!
    Have fun at school next week.
    Natalie and Myles