Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Toderash's Come to Visit - Part 1

So, we'd been in Burnaby for less than 3 weeks when our first guests arrived . . . The Toderash's! Despite our limited time to get to know the area, we had lots of places to show them. First, to the beach at Barnet Marine Park, 'cause it was HOT.

That evening, we went to the Chinese Night Market in . . . where else? Chinatown. Still hot.

We swung by the Olympic cauldron. It's not burning anymore.
Yep, still hot.

So hot, in fact, that some teenage girls jumped into Coal Harbour to cool down. They didn't have to twist Brent's arm very hard to get him to stop and take their picture.

These don't really follow the "so hot" theme, but we saw a sailboat at Coal Harbour that made for some nice pics . . .

Okay, back to the "so hot" theme.
I was so very hot that I had to run through the splash pad with the kids.

And we had to stop on the way home for . . . Gelato!

Still hot the next day, so we drove down to White Rock, to hit the East Beach. White Rock has a cool strip of shops and restaurants along the beach with almost all of them featuring (or at least including) fish & chips on the menu.

We arrived while the tide was still high, so the beach didn't look very promising at first. The girls actually wanted to go somewhere else. But I had paid $18 for 6 hours of parking so we could spend the day here, so dang it if I was going to leave!

After lunch the tide was much lower already and the girls found their groove. And some jellyfish. Little ones, but jellyfish nonetheless. A local girl told us it was okay to pick them up, so, after a bit of apprehension, the girls all took turns holding them.

The tide was now well down and the beautiful sandbars were revealed for the kids to enjoy . . .

. . . and for me to play Frisbee on with some local kid named "Shadow". Yup. Shadow. Didn't catch his real name, 'cause when I asked what it was he said, "Just call me Shadow". Okay Shadow.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Toderash's visit to Beautiful BC.


  1. In a few days Jay's parents will be in White Rock so you'll have a month's worth of free parking! I'll try to get their address etc for you. I'm sure they'd love a visit. I think they are quite close to the main drag.

  2. Love all the pictures you've posted. I care too!!!

  3. I have a dog named Shadow...

  4. I love the canvas's Karla, they look fabulous already! Also, love hearing about your adventures!

  5. That last one was from Mary, I didnt know what to put in for profile, so I put anonymous.