Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rocky Point Park

Rocky Point Park is in Port Moody, a quaint town about 15 minutes east of our house. The park was completely redeveloped in 2006, so everything is still nice and new. It has a splash pad, playground, outdoor stage, a boat launch, pier, and an outdoor pool.

You will notice that there are no pictures of Karla in the water. It's not because she is camera shy. The water was frigging freezing. The girls' said their feet were numb. I went in (briefly), but it was too cold for me.


  1. I bet more than a few 'peggers are jealous of the cold splash pad! The humidity here is insane at the moment.

    It must be glorious to have so much family time after 6 months of so little :)

  2. I'm really enjoying having Karla and the girls all to myself. There's no competition for their time - we don't have any friends here yet. I'm sure that will change soon, especially once school starts. But for the moment, they're all mine!