Sunday, August 8, 2010

The first week . . .

Karla starting unpacking while I went to work.
We explored some of the city's many parks. This is Deer Lake Park.

Barnet Beach is the only salt-water beach in Burnaby and it's less than 10 minutes away from our house!

Beachcombing results in a major find - starfish!

Hannah & Ellie's named their two starfish Carrie and Noah, and Sasha and Mike named theirs Speedy.

As we were cleaning up to leave, these crabbers came in to shore with their catch of the day.

Waiting for the skytrain to go to Kits Beach to watch the Celebration of Light fireworks over English Bay.

So exciting! Their first skytrain ride. Wow.

During the hours before the show, 500,000 people congregate all around English Bay vying for the best spot to watch the show.

Immediately after the show, all 500,000 people try to
get out of the area at the same time.
It was crazy!

We ran 15 blocks uphill from Kits Beach to West Broadway and were lucky to get onto the first bus that came along . . . barely. We were the last ones allowed to board. It still took us over an hour to get home. The girls got to bed at midnight.
Thus ended Week 1 in Burnaby.


  1. SHE BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Take 'er easy there joycie cakes. So far it's just been me.

  3. ah, but we know the latent journalist who lurks beneath...