Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Toderash's Come to Visit - Part 2

So it was still hot the next day. Actually, for several days. So, to the splash pad at Confederation Park we went.

One day, the Toderash's spent on their own. But we did meet up for a picnic supper at Stanley Park (sorry, no pics) and a quick hike in Lighthouse Park. We got there quite late, so the waxing moon was already rising above a recently flowered memorial, with the lighthouse standing guard.

Of course, we had to take the Toderash's to nearby Burnaby Mountain one evening to smell the roses and watch the sunset behind "The Playground of the Gods".

One place we had not been ourselves yet was Lynn Canyon Regional Park in North Vancouver. In April we had visited the Capilano Suspension Bridge, despite the steep entrance fee ($85 for our family). After braving the suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon, we will definitely recommend this free alternative to future visitors. It's narrower and shorter, but still not for the faint of heart.

This is the view from mid-span. Karla says "only an engineer would say 'mid-span'".

There's a very nice trail on the other side of the bridge that loops through the park.

Sasha, the queen . . .

The trail winds past the "30 foot pool". With it being so dry in B.C., the riverbed was almost dry. It was so interesting and beautiful here, that we spent the remaining daylight there. So, after everyone had their fill of pictures and exploring, we doubled back to the bridge (probably a good thing too, because a few days later, our family went back to explore the rest of the trail and discovered that it immediately rises about 200 ft via several hundred stairs - stay tuned for a separate blog post about that adventure).

The final chapter of the Toderash's visit to Beautiful BC is still to come.


  1. can someone please tell ellie to stop growing up?!

  2. that is a beautiful place with a beautiful hike. I hate crossing that bridge that I went back down and walked across the rocks to the other side. There is lots to enjoy!! Heloise