Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sort of a Theme Song for Karla and Me This Year


  1. Yay! I found you! I've now officially caught up on your blog and even used my Yukon beard picture (no longer have that) on the Followers list.

    The thoughts and feelings you both share are so familiar to me from last year. Discovering an entirely new place, lifestyle, pace, geography while feeling slightly anonymous. It's wonderful and it's the best thing you'll ever do for your family (in my humble opinion)

    Mike - love the poem, Karla - love the reflections, girls - love the smiles. Thanks for putting me in touch with the Dave Matthews song - it's fantastic. Do you mind if I borrow it for our theme song as well. If you do, you can always come up here and take it back.

    You might be interested in Dave Matthew's version of this song at the Grammys - if you haven't seen it already - amazing arrangement.


    Love to you all,

  2. LOVE this song. Just watched it on Youtube, Grammy's version. It's as if it was written for you guys. Just make sure you stay at the ocean and don't hop on a boat to go to the other side of the world. lol

  3. The Grammy version is awesome! I had never even heard the song until I took the CD out from the library here a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm going to update this post with the Grammy version.

  4. Love it.
    I am so glad that you guys are posting in your own individual unique ways. Thanks for keeping us a part of your lives.
    We love you and miss you all
    Novi says HI to Hannah

  5. wow - this was an emotional post for me guys. mike and karla you are so awesome together and "apart yet together". don't ever forget that. don't let anything or anyone ever convince you otherwise.
    love you guys and your faith in the unknown!