Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wonder...

... if you've lived here forever do you see the mountains?
I mean stop, fixate, and ponder the beauty of them.
When you're driving home from the grocery store at night do they take your breath away?
Or is it just that I'm a prairie girl?

... if you've lived here forever do you smell the ocean air?
I mean close your eyes and inhale deeply.
When your kids are playing on the beach do you wish the smell could follow you home?
Or is it because I'm new here?

... if you've lived here forever do you hear the sounds of nations?
I mean embracing the lilting chorus of tone and dialect.
When you're out walking down the street do you hear their echos playing back their song?
Or is it because I've listened too carefully to the sound of my own voice?

I wonder.


  1. Very honest and real Karla. Good thought to ponder.

  2. hmmm.
    Oh, that we would always listen with fresh ears.

  3. . . and I wonder at the wonder of all you are experiencing and living and learning and glad those of us back home get to taste and experience a little of it too . . . through you . . thanks for blogging and sharing your lives . . . xo