Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lynn Canyon Remix

Yes, we went back to Lynn Canyon Park, and YES we walked across the Suspension Bridge again.  But this time it was just the PennerFive and we thought with speedy legs and fewer bodies in tow we could try some of the more challenging trails at the Park.   So off we went...

Dark seems to be coming more quickly here as it is everywhere these days.  So we hoofed it across the bridge and climbed what seemed to be a million stairs to get to the trail we wanted which would take us towards the "Twin Falls".  It was a quiet night in the park - it felt like we were the only ones out on the trails.

As we rounded a corner we saw another group approaching us.   As they got closer they began to look strangely familiar.   As their faces came into clear view we recognized them as old friends from Winnipeg!  She was in my Certification group in my last year of Education at U of M, and he was a colleague of mine at a school for a year or so.  We even attended the same church at one time.  We'd heard through the grapevine that they had moved to North Vancouver a few years ago.

They were surprised to see us and asked us what we were doing in Vancouver to which we replied "we live here now"!  After sharing a laugh, catching up, and introducing our kids we planned to try to meet up again and continued on our hike.  What are the chances of being on that trail, in that park, at the same time, on the same day?   Crazy.

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