Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ellie Makes a Splash

Saturday was the day to celebrate Ellie's 9th birthday with her friends from school.  
We decided to change things up and have the party at the pool in our neighborhood.

These Teddy Grahams jumped into their "water" cupcakes with 
their peach-ring floaties just in time to celebrate too.

Ellie was able to have all of her most special friends at the party.  
Even her beloved Nikki.
Here, Mike and Nikki get crazy with some water balloons.

High five for Nikki!

Here the girls are playing a rousing game of "hot potato" with water balloons filled with sub-zero temperature water.  If you get caught with a balloon, you have to sit on it until it breaks.  
It was kinda cold.

Kinda cold, indeed.

Water balloons can make good bowling balls too.

All the girls got a chance to try out the water walkway...

... even Nikki!

Soon it was time for snacks and cupcakes, presents.....

..... and blowing out nine candles!

Beautiful faces.   Special girls.  Dear friends.

It was a great day to celebrate turning 9.


  1. You're the best mom ever!! Those cupcakes look like they're ready for me to nose dive into them. ICING!!

  2. So sweet. You forgot to post all the pics of you in a string bikini.

  3. Well, Joycie. I would have posted those, but I feared they would be deemed "too explicit" for Blogger and they would have taken them down. My string bikini can hardly contain all of my overflowing cleavage. I'm sure all the men at the pool on Saturday enjoyed it though.