Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thing I Will Miss About Living Here - The First Installment

1.     The smell
         I don't know how to describe it, but the smell is always fresh.   Must be the warm most air coming off the Pacific Ocean.  Or it could be the cherry blossoms in the spring, or the fresh rain in the winter, or the Hydrangea in the summer.   It just always smells so good.

2.     Cobbs Bread

         There are outlets all over the lower mainland.  Best hot-cross buns, seedy loaves, and the most scrumptious cinnamon buns.

3.      Having a clean van

          We NEVER have to wash our van here.  I think since we've moved, we've done it once.  It's never coated in salt and dirt and mud and grime like it is in Winnipeg.  You don't have to be afraid of rubbing up against your vehicle when you get in or out.  It's wonderful.

4 .       H&M

            I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Winnipeg gets one, or at least I hope so.  I love the prices and the style and the clearance racks.  I love the nice LONG girls leggings that they always have in stock that actually fit my amazon-like children.

5.       Walking to and from School

            This is awesome.  School also only starts at 9 as opposed to 8:20, so that helps too.

6.        Community Parks

            Since most people really don't have yards here, they all congregate at the neighborhood park.  Every time we go we see someone from school that we know.  That's a great feeling.

7.         Flashing Green Lights

            Most people who drive here for the first time are a little puzzled by the flashing greens.    They keep traffic moving during certain peak times of the day and make driving super quick in the evening.   There are less traffic bottle-necks here.... you never really get "stuck" in traffic like you do in Winnipeg.

8.          Green

             I always expected that Vancouver would be kind of brown in winter if there was no snow.  Not the case.  It is always the most vibrant color of green you can imagine.

9.          The Skytrain

             I love getting on and off that thing.  I feel so metropolitan.  It also gets you downtown super quick.  It is the perfect opportunity for excellent people-watching as well.

10.        A vibrant and people-filled downtown

             Vancouver's downtown is always full of people.  Night or day, weekend or weekday - it doesn't matter.  There is always something going on.  You never feel afraid like you do walking in the ghost-town that Winnipeg's downtown is in the evenings.

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