Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Did It

Today was our last day of skiing, as Mount Seymour closes for the season after tomorrow.

What I want to tell you all tonight is, I did it.  I did something I was afraid of.

I'm still the slowest skier in the family.
I may take wide turns and prefer if people don't ski or board too close to me.
My heart still pounds when I'm about to get on or off the lift.
I'm kind of hunched forward and I look really stiff.


I won this round.
Fear  0     Scaredy Cat Momma  1

This morning Mike convinced me and Ellie to join him and Sasha and Hannah way up the mountain on a new (to us) run.  Ellie and I hopped on and began our climb.  Ellie is my little partner in fear.  She is always more tentative and cautious to try new things, just as I am.  As we were flying above the mountain on the lift we got to have a great conversation about fear.  We asked ourselves how different the world would be if people were never afraid and if fear never stopped them from doing what they really wanted to do.  We both agreed it would be a pretty adventurous, interesting world.  Both of us are sure we want less fear and more willingness to take chances in our lives.

Here's to powdery snow, skiing down, looking up, and taking more chances.
(Oh,  and this year, no broken bones...)

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  1. I'm proud of you and think you deserve a lemon brownie.