Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Parting Gift

The days seem to be going faster now, reminding me that our time here is on the home stretch.
These days are filled with moments, exchanges and images that leave me feeling as though they should be handled with care - wrapped in layers of tissue paper and bubble wrap to be preserved for the journey.

Yesterday held one of those exchanges.

I was sitting in Ellie's classroom in a row of folding chairs with a few other parents.  We were there to enjoy a Reader's Theatre presentation presented by the students in Ellie's class.  Ellie's treasured friend, Nikki, was growing tired of getting up onto the small stage to introduce each new story.  She walked up  beside me and I helped her up onto the chair next to mine.  She shifted and slid her way closer to me, looking up once and awhile to make sure I was still there.  After a few moments she grabbed my hand and lifted my arm above her head so that my arm was around her.  She wiggled in closer to me and I started rubbing her shoulder and scratching her back just a little.  Soon her head was back, resting on my arm and she let out a great big yawn - a sign of contentment.

We stayed like this for the rest of the performance.
My arm around her and her little body, which found itself firmly planted as close to mine as she could get.

So I'll preserve that moment - the look of her freckled face and the feel of her hand in mine.
Pack it up and take it along.
It belongs with me.

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