Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Back In The Day" OR "Best Party Ever"

Saturday night was the night for the last big school fundraiser of the year.
It also ended up being the most fun I've had in years.
Mike even went on record as saying "that was the best party I've ever been to".
Let me tell you how it went down.

Traditionally, Confederation Park does a "Pub Night" in spring.  This year, we had a nearly new PAC at the helm and we decided to change things up with a live band, dance, and bar in the school gym.    It ended up being called "Back In The Day" because of the crazy mix of old and new music that was going to be played.

I couldn't wait for Saturday night.  Our great friend Don just happens to be the lead singer for the cover band "Hey Stewey" that was performing.   Don's two kids go to Confederation Park, so it was pretty neat to have a school parent performing.  Mike and I love "Hey Stewey".  We've gone out to see them play a few times in the past two years and every time we are blown away by Don's ability to be a vocal chameleon.

But before the music started, we had to dress up.  After a few fruitless trips to Value Village over the week, I found my 80's groove in the mall.  Good thing everything old is new again.  For reals.

Here's my friend Lisa, strutting her 1970's stuff all over that gym floor.

And Mike... who did not come up empty at Value Village and took it to the next 
level with his handlebar moustache.

Heather had a wicked 1970's Charlie's Angels cat suit going on...

... and the ladies behind the bar smiled and poured all night long!

Here's the man of the hour -  Don.  
For this night he was also mistaken for Brett Michaels.

The ladies loved him.

Lisa's only challenge of the night was staying in an upright position with that wig on her head.

I love these ladies.
That's Lisa's Aunt Tina.  She knows how to pour a good Dr. Pepper.

Sasha's special friend Heloise's mom and dad...

... and the cutest thing on the dance floor, our friend Michelle!

Most unbelievable transformation of the night went to our friend Marc.  
He knows how to rock the 1970's, complete with chest hair.    
Mike grew an awesome afro on his head during the night too!

For the third set of music, the wig came off, and Don looked like Don again.
I liked Brett, but I like Don even more.

I can't think of a better way to have ended our time here. 
Awesome music, all my friends, cold beer, and a dance floor.

We walked home that night with neighbors and ended up heading over to their place with a bunch of other parents for a night cap.  The party continued - and I loved every minute of it.

Best party ever.
Wish we could all do it all over again this weekend.


  1. "Speechless"......Crystal -

    is this a good thing or a bad thing?

  2. Belly aching laugh over Mike! Well done!!