Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Making Music

I had the great pleasure, since January, of teaching two of the most amazing little boys to play piano.

There is nothing like watching someone learn something new.  Especially when they are genuinely excited and eager to learn it.  It also helps when your students are incredibly handsome, quirky, entertaining and funny little boys who make you laugh.

We ended the season of piano lessons with a little recital at our house last night.   Even if you only teach two students, you just gotta have a recital!

Foster showed up at my door with a tie on.  If I didn't love him before, I sure do love him now!  He was willing and able to lead the pack by starting things off.

My favorite part of having Foster play last night was watching him take a really deep breath between songs and then blowing it all out.  The boy knows how to calm the old nerves!

Just so that the recital wouldn't be four minutes long, we recruited some other musicians to play for us as well.

We waited patiently and learned to be good audience members.

The next one of my students that played was Ethan - or "The Ethanator" as I like to call him.  Ethan is energetic and loves to move.  He's even got a little "piano bench shuffle" he does while he's playing.

He was very willing to interact with his audience between songs!

Ellie agreed to play a piece as well.  So did Sasha, but she didn't make it on to the camera.

Mike provided the grand finale of the evening by playing some unaccompanied Bach on his violin.   It was a great way to end.

Here are my little charges!  I loved spending every moment with them learning a new language of reading and playing music!  It reminded me of teaching Kindergarten and grade one because it gave me the same rush I used to get when I started to see emerging writing take place.

I have no doubt that these two are well on their way to being fabulous musicians!

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