Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bits and Bites

Yes.  A post of random thoughts and observations.  You might think that means I have a lot to say, or it could also be that I'm looking for a reason not to pack boxes.  You decide.

It was so cold here today that I had the heater on my feet in our van.  I was also wearing sandals because I refuse to wear sensible shoes after June 1st.   Summer just never seems to get here.  It toyed with us for one week back in May, but that was just a minor glimmer.  It's kind of like BC has one VERY LONG season of grey skies, rain, and some sunny days thrown in and then has one or two months of summer.  That's it.  Two seasons.  I think I like four seasons.  I still don't like 30 below or mosquitoes though.

Speaking of mosquitoes, I read on the Weather Network website that the famous Winnipeg entomologist, Taz, is predicting an "intolerable number" of mosquitoes in Winnipeg this summer.  Say it ain't so, Taz.   I just don't think I'm up for that.

I like getting rid of stuff.   That's the best part of moving.  Craigslist has been our friend in this regard.  I'm also thankful Sasha has a tiny little friend named Zara who happily takes Sasha's hand-me-downs with great happiness.  As for the stuff we left in storage that is waiting for us when we return... if we didn't miss you for the past 2 years, there is no need for you to remain in my house.  Period.  I sense a purge coming on.

I think I'm kind of opposite to most people.  Most people likely feel happy and content when their fridge is bursting at the seams and jam-packed with goodness from top to bottom.  I'm different.  A near-empty fridge gives me solace.  I'm trying to keep our fridge nearly empty now and we're using up what we have.  That can make for some pretty interesting meals and lunches.

Why had I never heard of Rainn Wilson's book Soul Pancake before this week?  (Yes, that Rainn Wilson).  It's a treasure - filled with compelling questions and quotes and captivating images and things that make you think long after you've closed it up.  I am going on record by stating that I strongly endorse this book.   You can check out the web-ish version of Soul Pancake here.

On the topic of books, I am reading an amazing one right now.  It's called Through The Glass.   It's a true story that I first heard the author, Shannon Moroney, speak about on CBC Radio's The Current, last year.  It's honest, heartbreaking, inspiring and is nearly impossible to put down.  You can read a little of Shannon's story at her website, here.

Do you know how much I love the show Modern Family?  Now you do.

I'm really glad Mike loves avocados now.  He didn't used to.  I like sharing my love of avocados with him.

Why do people wear jeans and turtlenecks to the gym to work out?

I'm glad the NHL playoffs are over.  Hockey in June is simply wrong.  I couldn't pull myself away from them because I know a player on the LA Kings.  I know, I know, everyone says they know a player on a hockey team when that team is doing well, but I really do know someone!  That someone is none other than Dustin Penner from Winkler, Manitoba.  I could go through the way I know Dustin, but that might be boring.  Just trust me.  I know him.  I'm also really proud of this fight back to the top of his game this year.  That wasn't an easy fight.

I had a pair of TOMS.  I like TOMS.  They're cute.  I like the "one for one" campaign.  I don't like that my big toe wore a hole in my TOMS pretty quickly.  Mike turned me on to Sanuks after he fell in love with his.  I bought a pair.  I like.  No holes in the toe area either.  They may not be as trendy as TOMS but they're way more comfortable.  And TOMS feel pretty good.  Related to this is the fact that when we're out, Mike says "TOM TOMS" every time he sees someone wearing them.  We all laugh.  It just fuels him more.  A lot of people here wear TOMS, so it happens a lot.  The reason we laugh is because Mike used to actually think they were called "TOM TOMS".

A Vanilla Rooibos Latte is my new bevie of choice at Starbucks.

Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" is one of my favorite songs to hear on the dance floor.  Right now, "Moves Like Jagger" would be a close second.  Save your judgement.

I'm a good starter but a terrible finisher.

I get a charge out of taping and labeling our moving boxes.  There's just something about taping up that box full of life - all nice and neat - and scrawling its destination on it that makes me feel in control of all of the things that I can't shove into a box and tape shut.

Our girls have never been to Grand Beach.  That's gotta change this summer.

I hardly ever really laugh out loud.  If you get me to really laugh out loud, you should feel very proud.

Cryptic status updates on facebook irritate me.

I have a few moments every day in which I try to stop and really notice what I'm seeing and feeling.  I think this is important in the process of leaving.

Tanning of any kind is damaging to your skin.  It's true.  Our society so values dark, tanned skin.  We comment on how good people look when they're dark.  We abhor our skin if it's pasty white and covered with freckles because we can't tan.  I'm thinking we need a paradigm shift.

It makes me smile and feel good when the receptionist at our dentist office in Winnipeg is so excited to hear that we're coming back.

Mike thinks he's too manly to use the packing tape dispenser.  He uses his teeth.  He's tough like that.

Sasha is the only kid I know who gets pumped up about spelling tests.  Lives for them.  Dreams about them.  Recounts the way they went down at the super table like she's doing the play-by-play.  Where did this kid come from?

The truck gets loaded on June 29th.  We pull out on the 30th.
Time flies.


  1. I am working on a draft of a spelling/coloring page RIGHT NOW that we're going to watch Sasha perfect at Grand Beach this summer.
    I like random, quite a lot.
    Except the hockey part. I just don't get hockey, even though I am Canadian.
    I get reading though, and like the book reviews. I also LIKE packing, and would come do some if I could.

  2. This just made me love you more. I'm joining you on the cryptic status ban that should be implemented on Facebook.... And I LOVE an empty fridge. It's like a fresh start.

  3. I love learning so much about you! I too love modern family,avocados and my children have never been to Grand beach either! When you go this summer, the Amadeo's are coming.