Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad's Day

Our girls have a great dad.
He's not a perfect dad - but none are.
He's fun, faithful, and present.
He's always game for a hug, a back scratch, or a wet kiss right on the lips.

Our girls know him because he lets himself be known.

We celebrated Father's Day by going for brunch at Mike's favorite spot - Heidi's.
While we waited for our food, Mike opened some presents that show that the girls really do know him!

Sasha made Mike some note paper at school that says, "A Note from my Dad".

Sasha's card had some blanks for her to fill in about Mike.  Here's a sample....

My Dad is about 5 feet tall.
His hair is spikey.
My Dad likes to wear PJ's.
He loves to cook nothing.
Dad always tells me say please and thank you.
It makes him happy when I kiss him.
I really love it when my dad tickles me.

Hannah made a card at school with a tie on the front.  We laugh at this because cards for Father's Day always feature a tie on the front, but how many dad's actually wear ties very often?  Not our dad.  Can't remember the last time we saw him wear one!    Hannah said a bunch of lovely sweet things wrapped up with "I love going on roller coasters with you".

Ellie created a comic strip for Mike.  It featured Mike drinking coffee together with ice-cream.   Her card made note of the fact that Mike has to go into the hot tub before going into a swimming pool.  Yep, she knows him.

The girls and I got Mike the new release by one of Mike's favorite author's A.J. Jacobs - Drop Dead Healthy (One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection).  He's written some incredibly hilarious books in the past few years, including The Year of Living Biblically.

We were also super excited to get Mike the brand new album from Rush, just released this week.  Mike has been on a crazy Rush love-in lately.  Whenever I leave the house, he says to the girls (while turning up the music to an insane volume) "When Mom's away, the rock will play".  Needless to say, they've heard a lot of Rush lately.

We went to the mall yesterday to pick up the album where we discovered it was sold out within a few hours on the first day of its release.

This cardboard copy will have to do in the meantime.

That's their dad.
He loves music and kisses, coffee and football.
He's also really fond of the three girls he calls his own.
They're pretty glad he belongs to them too.

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  1. AND he's cute. But don't tell him I said that. How embarrassing.