Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hawaii - The Final Chapter

We stopped to take some pictures of the girls in their Hawaiian dresses on our very last day.  We let them each pick a dress that they loved in one of the hundreds of ABC stores in Waikiki!  (I've never seen so many of the same store in my entire life!)

After the photo shoot, we took one last stroll together.  Soon it was time for our cab to come - only it wasn't just a cab!  The girls freaked out when they saw that their ride to the airport was a limo!  That's the only thing that could fit our whole motley crew.   Hannah was the only one who had ever been in a limo before, so Ellie and Sasha were especially pumped!

It was an awesome 12 days together.  I loved spending time with the girls without the pressure of everyday life and living.  No reminders to practice instruments or do homework.  No setting the table or hurrying out the door for school.  I love that kind of time.

I'm so thankful for the gift of those 12 days.



  1. None of you will ever forget it, and it will bea salve you can pull out of your memory bank when thr rush rush grind of life gets at you. You are all extremely fortunate to have one another and these adventures to share.

  2. All of the pictures were awesome but this last post is my favorite! With 12 days I'm sure you really got to feel what Hawaii was like!