Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sandy Beach

On the one day we rented a car to drive around the island, we made a pit-stop on route to our destination at a place called "Sandy Beach".  Not a very original name for a beach, but it was more than worth the trip.

When we read up on Sandy Beach, all of the information told us how high the waves are and how it's not a beach meant for "amateurs".    Apparently a lot of serious injuries happen there.  When we got there, we understood why.  As soon as we walked onto the sand from our car, a lifeguard walked up to us and asked if we were planning on going in the water.  You could almost hear his sigh of relief when we said that we were only there to watch the waves.

There were a tonne of body-surfers and a few surfers out to entertain us.  We were more than happy to watch!  It was awesome!  Mike was in his element walking along the beach with his camera and new lens.  Some of the waves got up to 15 feet high!  I loved the thunderous sound of the waves.

Mike and I both agreed we could have been happy staying and watching all day.

As we were driving off we noticed a air-ambulance loading someone inside on a stretcher just a ways past where we were watching.   I guess the warnings weren't exaggerated! 

Sandy Beach - completely beautiful, but definitely not for amateurs.


  1. Aloha! this is great pics, hope you enjoyed! i just saw a picture of myself...i'm the guy at the top, your first two pics...hope you don't mind if i copy these pics? just asking your permission, hope you enjoyed Hawaii!

  2. Aloha! It was definitely a highlight of our trip to watch you guys do your thing at Sandy Beach. It was incredible. And please, feel free to copy the pics of yourself and do with them what you want. I almost felt like I should be asking you guys permission to take photos of you and post them on our blog . . . Mahalo - Mike

  3. no way...just was super stoked to see some pics and happy u guys had a great time...mahalo very much for letting me use these pics! it was a pleasure to put on a small show, too bad i couldn't do more justice! thank you so much and much aloha to you and your family!

  4. Wow that looks amazing! I'm sure being there in person is a 100 times better.