Saturday, February 4, 2012

We're Off!

Today's the day!  We're off to the airport in 30 minutes to begin our 12 day adventure in Hawaii!  We're going to Oahu, and plan to prance around the island, exploring it all!

Here is the countdown we've been looking at every morning....

(Notice that Sasha think me and Mike will be doing a lot of kissing under the palm trees!)

Ellie drew me this picture the other day.... we're all looking out of our own little window on our plane, zooming off across the ocean!  (She calls me "Ieeeee Maum" because that her friend Nikki calls me.)

This next picture was done this morning.
I only hope to be biting into a pineapple as big as this one!


  1. Also, it appears as though you and Mike are black? Maybe she's anticipating a great tan for both of you ;) Hope you have a GREAT TIME. Get a few cankers for me after eating too much pineapple.

  2. Enjoy your trip it will be filled with lasting and special memories for all of you!

    Lisa, Sophia & Ava