Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sasha is Seven

How can it be - 
that this toothless wonder turned seven yesterday?

Sasha's birthday kind of snuck up on all of us this year.  One day we were on holidays in Hawaii, and the next day we were home and Sasha was excitedly reminding me that "tomorrow is my birthday"!


Tomorrow.  As in, I better get my act together and figure something out for this kid's birthday.

There are a few things that Sasha really loves.  Things like the color red, pigs, strawberries, Junie B. Jones, her Maplelea doll, and farmer sausage and kielke.  We swirled all of those things around and presented her with a day full of them.

First up - waffles, sauce and BERRIES.  Because Sasha really loves berries and we really love Sasha.

Sasha spent some time in the morning making a birthday hat for her beloved Piggy.  Piggy has been around since Sasha was 18 months old and she traded in her soother for him.  He's her best friend and faithful companion.  It wouldn't be a party without Piggy.

You gotta have some presents on your birthday.  

And some really sweet gappy smiles.

A pig hat is also important.

Surprise and delight go nicely with a birthday too.

So do hugs and kisses from your  big sisters.

Sasha has recently been caught up in the spell that is the Junie B. Jones book series.  She reads about Junie B's antics and laughs uproariously at them.  Sometimes she talks about Junie B. and the things she's done like a real person she knows.  "Mom, remember that time Junie B. made that grouchy lady on the airplane really really mad?"   

I just happened to find "Junie B's Essential Survival Guide to School" for Sasha's birthday.  It's a really funny guidebook written by Junie herself with space for you to draw and write along with her.

There was one gift left for Sasha after her requested birthday supper of Winkler farmer sausage, kielke and schmaunfat.  One of Hannah's friend's mom makes super-deluxe hula hoops.  Hannah has one and Sasha has always wanted one.  They're pretty spiffy and sparkly.

My sweet seven year old did her cold-battling mom a favour and did not ask for a birthday cake, but instead, wanted chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert.  Have I mentioned that I love this kid?

Well, I do love her a whole bunch.  
And so do a lot of other people.  

She is kind and compassionate.
Friends at school are drawn to her gentle nature.
She is serious and listens intently.
She always tries to do her best.
She has the neatest desk at school, and the most often made bed in the family.
Her piano-playing skills are a force to be reckoned with.
She's got callouses from spending hours hanging on the monkey bars.
Her dimple makes me smile.
She's a great reader and snuggler and can do both at once, much to my delight.
Our family needed her - she'll always be our baby.
Even if she's seven.

Happy Birthday Satchmo!

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  1. happy birthday sasha!! From Bronte.
    hopefully my mom will remember to mail the birthday card that I picked out and wrote in tonight. i miss you.