Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Commercial Drive in January

I love Commercial Drive.  

I love the smells that waft from the restaurants that serve food of nearly every ethnicity you can think of.
I love the sight of old Italian gentlemen sitting at tiny tables sipping espresso.
I love the colors of the peeling paint of the architecture.
The love the juxtaposition of people spreading their wares out on tarps to sell in parking lots and fine art galleries just up the block.

On Sunday afternoon, Sasha was invited to a birthday party at a bowling alley on The Drive.  I was thrilled.   It was the perfect excuse to wander the street and enjoy the warm, dry day.

After dropping off Sasha to bowl with a sea of boys from her class,  we let Hannah and Ellie pick the lunch stop, and we ended up at Belgian Fries.

Mike and I had Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches on fresh rye with giant pickles accompanied by the best fries in a long time with Chipotle Mayo dip.    So.  Good.  

The girls had ginormous hot-dogs with a huge cone of those amazing fries soaked in vinegar.  Yum.

One of our stops was at "Wonderbucks".  I love this place.  It's kind of like an old fashioned variety store.  I always find something here.

I thought Ellie fit right in with the bohemian vibe on Commercial Drive!

I was drawn to the colors here.  
Rich yet ragged.

The warm sun felt so good on my face that January afternoon.  
I got Mike to snap this for posterity.


  1. ah this was a killer!! belgian fries.. the poutine. Norman's.. best produce. Thank you for sharing this. I live vicariously though you my friend. Loves.

  2. the only word that comes to mind as i peruse your pics today is "delicious". woke up to -45 windchill today, cancelled buses and the profession of it being the "coldest day this winter". i delight in the thought that you are seeing green grass, feeling the warm sun and eating obnoxiously greasy foods that emit the most amazing smells through the computer. the tiny pangs of jealousy are happily kicked aside and i am living through your pictures today!
    thanks for the moment... hope you're enjoying it as much as i am :)

  3. What wonderful pics. The greens look soooo green. Kinda like my jealousy.