Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creating with Auntie Corina

Mike's sister, Corina, is an artist.
She's also an entrepreneur.
More important than that, she's the girl's beloved Auntie Corina.

Corina's story is inspiring.  A year or so ago, Corina and her partner Jay quit their jobs, sold their house, and couch-surfed their way around the globe.  Upon their return to Winnipeg, Corina found herself ruined for the 9-5.  She followed her artistic dreams and began creating.

So, what does Auntie Corina, the artist and the entrepreneur, give the girls for Christmas?
The chance to make their own gifts and learn a little about how she creates her amazing art.

Corina creates amazing recycled silver jewelery.  It's creative, eco-friendly, and simply beautiful.  You can read about her jewelery line, Jake and Cleo, here.  Or check out her etsy shop, here.

Corina began by having the girls think a little about what they wanted to impress onto their silver pendant.  Hannah and Ellie wanted to go the organic route, so they took a little stroll outside to see what they could find.  Ellie returned with a few sprigs of a cedar branch, and Hannah picked up a little twig that she thought would create a nice effect.  Sasha has long been drawing her own little moniker - her "love bug"- and she though she'd like to etch that into her pendant.

Once the girls settled on their design, it was time to choose the shape of their pendant.  

The next step was rolling the silver clay.  It needs to be the thickness of 4 playing cards.  
Sasha is expending a lot of energy!

For Sasha, the next step was to use the little cutter to get her shape ready to work on.  
It was a little like using a cookie cutter on dough, only you have to 
press the "cookie" out the cutter very gently!

Ellie and Hannah's next step was to use their organic elements to make an impression on the clay.  
Then they got to use the cutters.

It's then time to dry out the pieces.

The next step was using various grades of sand paper to smooth out the rough edges.

Here are the pieces ready for their blast of heat from the butane torch. 
This is where the magic happens...

Once the piece glows, you have to be really precise with how long you keep the torch on it.   
We let Auntie Corina use the torch because she's the expert!

After it's been fired,  you need to let the pieces quench in a bowl of water.

Now the polishing process begins...

Here Auntie Corina is cutting the chain and putting together the clasp.

Sasha is receiving her finished piece!

Here are all the Penner girls, proudly wearing their creations!

Here are the finished pieces...




Beautiful art.  Even better memories.


  1. I love Auntie Corina. Great job, Girls!!

  2. holy canoly, what an amazing gift. A few comments- please ask Hannah to stop looking like an adult. THese children are getting amazing exposure to creativity and the gift of TIME.


  3. (((blush)))

    I had an amazing time with the girls that afternoon! I loved seeing their creativity shine in the silver...