Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ode to Mike

Today is Mike's birthday.

We tried hard to mark it in a special way.  The girls and I made his favourite supper, set the table with care, and got all dressed up before he came home from work.  I even put on make-up and combed my hair.  If you know me, then you know the dress, the make-up and the hair-combing are a big deal in this house.  I wouldn't have done it if I didn't love him so much!

As the girls were giving him their homemade cards and gifts after supper and he was showered with hugs and wet kisses from Sasha, he said, "I'm so glad I have girls".  We're so glad we have him too.

Mike is as solid as they come...

Committed to his family with every shred in his being.

Mike speaks thoughtfully.  He doesn't "waste" words - but weighs and measures his very carefully before sharing them.   I'm interested in what he has to say.

He adores kids.  Back when we were dating, when I saw how naturally and easily Mike interacted with kids and how they loved him in return, I knew he'd make a great dad.  I was right.

Mike really listens when other people speak.  

His heart is soft.  Tears come easily and show themselves in response to the pain of others.  Even if it's just a character on Little House on the Prairie.

Mike is moved by music.   He places high value on the gifts and creativity of others.

He is a faithful provider for our family - working hard even when the task at hand isn't particularly challenging or exciting.  He does it anyway.  He does it for us.   It's his work ethic and performance that has given us the opportunity to live in this beautiful place for this season.  What a gift!

Mike is spiritual.  He welcomes the view-points of others and holds them up against his own.  He is interested in conversations and committed to community.  He recognizes the fingerprints of God in places, people, culture, and nature and he assigns sacred value to them.

Mike is my companion and helper.
He comes through when I can't.
He is faithful.

Happy Birthday Mike.


  1. What a lovely post. Happy (slightly belated) birthday Mike!

  2. Can you stop making me cry? Seriously, the last few posts you've written have made me tear up! But it could also be my raging hormones. I cry at those "real family videos" Disneyland commercials as well.