Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day of Contrasts . . . Kind Of

I was up early today, for a Sunday - 7:30 a.m. - to go skiing by myself, something I haven't done since last April when I was living here on my own. Over breakfast, I went to the website for the Winnipeg Free Press to check out the latest news from home and immediately noticed the current weather at the top of the page. Minus 32 degrees Celsius. Without the windchill. Holy crap that's cold!

Then I went to the "Mountain Report" on Grouse Mountain's website to see what the conditions were going to be like. Hmmm,  minus 5 and sunny. Perfect.

So, I spent the morning at the top of Grouse Mountain, sking. In the sun. By myself.  And it was white and glorious.


My afternoon was diametrically contrasting . . . almost.  

I went hiking on the side of Capitol Hill. In the shade. With my family. And it was green and glorious.


  1. Oh my. What glorious beauty. And I love how you are all gobbling it up!

  2. Admit that you miss the adrenaline rush of weather that can kill you if you take it lightly, cold that will sting your skin like a well-aimed slap and leave you with tears freezing on your fiery red cheeks. Admit it!!!

  3. ADRIAN WORTLEY!! Show Yourself!

  4. Looks like an amazing day Mike. I lived through the -32 day but I wasn't outside lapping it up like you were in BC.

  5. Getting caught up here on the Penner Blog . . . Mike, when I saw the pic of you with the girls I didn't think it was you because you looked so short!! Then I realized it's because Hannah is SOOOO TALL!! Crazy!