Friday, January 28, 2011

Ellie is a Violinist

This year Ellie is learning violin from Stan Gubiotti.  He's an excellent violinist (and guitarist) - the concert master of the Willingdon orchestra that I have been playing with this year.  Because her lessons are at 3:15 p.m., Karla attends and records them so I can watch them later, so I know what to work on with Ellie.  Stan is a bit of a character.  He often sprinkles the lessons with funny pearls of wisdom.  He makes Ellie's lessons fun.  Which is probably the most important thing at her age.

Ellie basically had to start over again this year.  Not enough time was spent on basic technique previously, in my opinion.  Stan is very picky about proper technique and intonation, which appeals to me greatly.  She essentially started from scratch, even going back as far as learning how to hold the violin and bow properly.  It's been hard work but worth the effort.

Here's a quick video of part of Ellie's latest lesson followed by a clip of Ellie and I playing a duet together at home.  Ellie's posture and bowing technique has improved greatly and her intonation is coming along well.  She's a bit pitchy in one spot in the video below; however, you may not even notice if you're not musically inclined.

I think she's awesome.


  1. Jay thinks Ellie is GOOD - better than him! He also says he loves the face at the end! And I think it is simply fantastic - I can see her now in a beautiful Pocahontas skirt dancing and playing at the Winnipeg Folk Fest! We'll want to be there!

  2. LOved it but we think we saw some drool from Mike's mouth! Ellie, you will have to teach him all that you know.
    - Reece, Madeline and Jenn

  3. this just made my day! Ellie, you're awesome!

  4. aw Ellie.
    aw, Mikey.

    gosh, you Penners are amazing.