Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nella & Norah and the Loewen Family Groove

Christmas in Winnipeg was a whirlwind.  The wind whirled from start to finish.  

There are many pictures to post and stories to tell, but it is only fitting to begin with the story we were most looking forward to discovering.  It's called "Nella and Norah" and you can read the introduction here.

The girls and I arrived in Winnipeg on the 18th of December.  We promptly got our bags, hopped in a cab, and headed to the Loewen's to meet their newest members.  We bounded in, washed our hands, and couldn't wait to see, smell, and touch these perfect tiny beings.   They were worth the wait.

After our introductions, part of the fun of our discovery was watching and learning what the "new" Loewen family looked like.  After all, they added two more kids!  Before we left for Vancouver...

...Zachary had never been a big brother before.
...Brynne had never had a sister, let alone two.
...Caleb had never been the leader of a pack of five.

It was amazing to experience the new Loewen groove.  It had rhythm, style, finesse and coordination.  It had Terry's magic "walk", Carla's patience in abundance, and button-popping big brothers and sister.

I got to spend one wonderful day with just Carla and Nella and Norah.  I could change diapers, bounce, swaddle, snuggle and study to my heart's content.  It was a great day.

After Mike arrived and the hoopla of Christmas had subsided we spend a few more hours at the Loewen's when Mike had the chance to rock and have tiny fingers curled around his big one.


One of the most amazing things was seeing Caleb relate to his new sisters.  He is completely enamoured with them, and I know that they in time, will be with him.


I am so thankful for the hours I had to know these two little ones.
Gifts from God.
Part of their family, and now, part of ours.
Just as they should be.


  1. sweet, sweet, sweet! sasha and zachy just get more and more adorable.

    so now that you've set this precedent, you know i'm totally expecting a blog devoted to your evening with me. although i don't think you took quite as many pictures. i'm confident that those tim hortons ladies would have been proud to pose with me ;)

  2. If you have to be away for a year at least your visit home was perfect timing to see these little ones at their littlest.

  3. what does it mean that when I see or read of newborns, I just weep? something so miraculous.

  4. (of course, I've been out of happy pills for a few days now..........)